Passage Questions
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It is sometimes mooted that there can be democracy in a two party system. That would be correct if politics were a game like cricket or football; but politics is not sports.
1. Which of the following would strengthen the argument?
(A) Two party system functions well
(B) Politics is a dirty game.
(C) Two political parties limit the choice of the voters.
(D) None of these.
(E) ---

2. Which of the following would weaken the argument?
(A) The game of politics is played like any other game, for example, football.
(B) Politics is not a sport.
(C) Political parties struggle for power
(D) None of these
(E) ---

3. The assumption/assumptions of the argument is/are which of the following? I.Politics is not a game. II.Two party system is ideal for democracy. III.Cricket is played by two teams.
(A) Only I
(B) Only II
(C) Only III
(D) I, II, III
(E) ---